all about us

Located in Wood River, Illinois, "on the Mississippi" Benbow City Sports is an independently owned specialy firearms dealer / manufacturer.  We are certified by the Illinois State Police, Licensed and taxed by the BATF, and hold an 07 FFL and Class II SOT.  We have been officially in business since 2017.

                 More than dealer

We are more than a dealer.  We have supplied police officers from multiple jurisdictions with specialty arms.  We have supplied manufacturers with arms and accessories to test their products.  We teach concealed carry classess.  We help recover firearms improperly seized by police departments from law abiding citizens.  We supply collectors, and those looking for the best self defense choices for their own situations.

We may well not be the cheapest store on the block, but we also will not try to force feed you the same Glock 9mm that everyone else has in stock.  If we don't have it, we can get it.  If we can't get it, it probably cannot be gotten on the legitimate market.