Benbow City Sports

Benbow City Sports is a Type 7 Class II SOT.  In plain English, that means we can manufacture and deal in all kinds of legally defined "firearms" other than "destructive devices."  

For a detailed explanation of what NFA firearms can be legally owned / sold in Illinois, please order and read our book, "Yes You Can, an Illinois Legal Guide to National Firearms Act Regulated Fireams."  You may order it by sending $10 per copy (tax and shipping included), by check or money order, to:

Benbow City Sports
PO Box 411
Wood River, IL  62095.
10 or more copies may be ordered for $9.00 per copy, tax and shipping included.
You may also order said book on Amazon:


"AOWs" or "any other weapons" are generally allowed in Illinois.  The specific example not allowed per case law is the Marbles Game Getter.  Guns like the H&R Handygun, Ithica Auto and Burglar, Serbu Super Shorty, cane guns, and the like, are legal, and we can handle your transfer.  All you need is a FOID card, and $5.00 for a AOW stamp.  We can walk you through this.  $100.00 transfer fee.


"SBRs" or "short barrel rifles", are rifles w.ith barrels less than 16 inches.  A police officer, collector, or re-reenactor can have these in Illinois.  We can show you how.  This requires a $200.00 tax stamp.  We can walk you through this.  $100.00 transfer fee, or just buy one of our in stock SBRs.


Federally, these are treated the same as SBRs.  However, Illinois treats them like they are evil incarnate.  Not even rank and file police officers can use then under Illinois law.  Only "special response teams" aka swat teams.  We are happy to sell to such departments with such teams.  For everyone else, there is a way to legally own suppressors in Illinois that most serious firearms enthusiasts can easily comply with.  Contact us are we can show you how.  $100 transfer fee.


FOID holders can have some kind of SBS.  The Book explains the particulars.  Police can have most.  $100.00 transfer fee.  We can custom make, register and legally mark your Illnois legal SBS. 


Pre-1986 registered "transferable" machineguns can be owned by some persons in Illinois.  The book explains this.  Due to the high cost, the market is very small, but does exist.  $100.00 transfer fee. 

If you find a machingun in your father's/grandfather's, or some other relative's estate, call us first.  It may be worth a lot of money, or it may be a legal nightmare.  We can safetly, legally and confidentially help you figure out what you have and what can be done with it.  Do not call the police until talking to us!