As of 3-09-2021

223 Remington Ammo     -    NONE IN STOCK for separate sale.  Small qu

.32 ACP, Norma Brand, several hundred rounds in stock.

antity available for those who                                                      purchase one of our AR type receivers, rifles or pistols

9mm Luger / Parabellum Ammo - NONE IN STOCK 

12 ga.  Very small quantity misc. 12 ga ammo.

2 Pistols semi auto, .32 ACP, Zastava Mdl 70 (Norma Brand .32 ammo available)

4 Pistols, single shot, ALTOR Brand, 9mm and .380 cal available.

1  AR15 type SBRs.  11.5 inch barrel and 1 AR15 type 16 inch barrel carbine

1 shotgun, single shot, 20 ga

Magazines for .223 AR15 and 9mm Glock

Model 224 AR15 type receivers are available NOW.  Price is $150.00, each, stripped, plus tax/shipping.  Consecutive serial numbers available.

AR15 type rifles and pistols available, built to your specs.  Price varies to specs.